Athlete Retouching/Reducing Lens Flare

Hey everybody! I just uploaded a new video with an exmaple of my retouching process for ahtlete portraits. I chose this photo for the video because there was some unexpected lens flare at the top of the frame that caused my background to wash out slightly and lose some detail. In the video I will show you how to take care of that with some simple masking and a few curves adjustment layers. I hope everyone enjoys it, and has a great rest of the week! 


Sorry it's taken me so long

I started getting requests for tutorials on my composites at the Google+ Photographer's Conference in San Francisco last May, and I love to teach and help people, so I was pretty excited. After the conference, I had every intention of working on one, but I soon got side-tracked with regular client work.  Before I knew it, almost a year had passed. Finally, I realized that I couldn't put it off any longer and I just had to make time to do it. So, here you go, Part 1 is finally here. If you noticed the top menu of my computer during the tutorial, you will see it was a little after 5am when I recorded it. I am not typically that early of a riser, but if I want to do this sort of thing (and I really do) I am just going to have to make sacrifices (like less sleep). 

Why I chose this image for the tutorial

There are a couple of reasons why I chose this particular composite for my first tutorial. At first, I thought I might go with something a little more simple, but I changed my mind after I thought about it. This image is slightly more complicated than normal, but I thought that might be a good thing. There are a few problems I solve in the video because after all, isn't that what people really want to see? I figure if I do the same thing as other people are doing for tutorials, I won't get much interest.

Problem #1: The flare behind the subject

I show how to fix this by putting a sun set behind the subject to make the flare look intentional.


Problem #2: Not shot on seamless paper

This makes the image a lot harder to extract from the background, but there is a useful tool I use to show you how to get it done.

Problem #3: The sky in the background is BORING

This may see like a big problem with all those trees, but I show you a relatively easy way to take care of it.


Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3

So, after a long wait (for some of you), here is Part 1 of the three part series. Stay tuned for 2 & 3 coming soon! I'll be posting them all here on my blog as well as my social media pages. I hope everyone enjoys the video and until next time, take care!